Meet the test labs


Back in 2005, a neighbor's dog had a beautiful litter of pups - the cutest Labs you ever did see - and the puppy breath! Oh, I'm getting nostalgic! Anyway, he was sad to have to part with them when the time came. We, on the other hand, couldn't wait to bring home our black one, whom we named Samantha, and all of her charming personality. She was the first one to leave the comfort of Mommy's side, but her go-getter style wasn't phased a bit, and we think has made her something of an over-achiever. We had to keep this type A personality in mind when we decided to make her treats at home, in light of so many pet food recalls. Sammy was always quick to let us know if the cookies were too moist or too dry, and that's why we promoted her to Senior Quality Control Inspector here at Pup's Kitchen. She's given us so much doggy-feedback that we believe we have perfected the current line of treats. Moving Sammy up to Senior QC was our best business decision yet.  


Brandi, our yellow Lab/Shepard mix graced the world in 

February of 2013. She is our little brave poochie from Wags 

Rescue, who has been a bigtime lick-monster ever since we met and that's fine with us. It was love at first lick! Brandi is also an extrovert, and loves three things in life: taking walks, people, and eating. She's working ambitiously in Pup's Kitchen as junior QC, but we can tell she wants Sammy's job because she follows the production from start to finish, sometimes even taking notes! She truly is an amazing dog. And we never have to worry about her being late because she will wake from a heavy sleep as soon as the opportunity to taste-test arises, i.e. we walk into the kitchen. While she might not be able to win the title of Top Dog in the QC department of Pup's Kitchen, she is definitely a candidate for employee of the year.


We can't forget the cat that wishes he were a dog. Caesar

is a 23 pound maine-coon cat that thinks he is just one of

the pups. He lives up to his name as he tries to rule the

house and for some part, he does. He still has the "cat

attitude" - you know, "I will come to you when I want to";

but most of the time he does come when called or if you

whistled for him. When Sammy and Brandi are called for

treats, you can be sure to look under your feet to see

Caesar there wanting his treats as well. (Silly kitty, treat

time is for puppies!) He keeps hoping for kitty treats to be

created, but we are still working on them. Poor Caesar.