Who We Are

It's fair to say that here at Pup's Kitchen, we love our pets, particularly our pooches. We are happy to provide our dogs and yours with homemade, human grade, animal-safe treats, and are proud to say that we only use ingredients that we would use in our own food.

Our dog treats have absolutely no fillers, preservatives, coloring, or any of the by-products that are found in dog treats made by the big brands. Everything here is handmade for the love, not the money. We started testing recipes in light of the increase in recalls for dog treats and other pet foods. After we found recipes that worked, we used them with the faith that our four-legged friends are healthier and happier because of it.

Pictured above is our Senior Quality Control Officer, Samantha. Next to her is Junior Officer Brandi, who personally inspects every batch for smell, crunch, and taste. We have to admit, they do have impeccable taste.

We would like to offer you these recipes because we believe it is right to share good things! Everyone can be proud to pamper their pets, as well as to use all American ingredients, and nothing from beyond our borders. We're also proud to support our local grocery outside of Philadelphia, PA with the little bit of extra business for the "new" regular ingredients we purchase.

Speaking from experience, our dog treats are gonna make your buddy drool, so watch your step as you whip these puppies out to give them a sniff. *Not responsible for any slipping as a result of the aforementioned drool.* Feel free to contact us with other questions or concerns though, and check back in with us periodically because we have much more to come!